International 800 plate type central drive planter Manual PDF


Operator’s manual for the International 800 Plate type Central drive planter. PDF format for download.

International 800 — 96 pages — Manual Code: 1096862R3

Table of Contents:

To the Owner


Planter Features

Work Safely – Follow These Rules

  • Before Operating
  • During Operating
  • Transporting

Precautions When Using Chemicals

Energy Conservation Follow These Recommendations

Adjusting and Operating

  • Early Riser Row Unit Operation
  • Planting Depth
  • Setting the Planting Depth
  • Pressure Spring Attachment
  • Planting in Excessively Hard and Rocky Ground
  • Checking Planting Depth Zero Setting
  • Furrows Firming Point
  • Disks
  • Disk Scrapers
  • Seed Hopper
  • Range of Distribution and Planting Distances
  • Checking Planting Results
  • Chain Drive and Sprockets
  • Selecting Seed Plate Equipment
  • Matching Seed with Seed Plates
  • Matching Seed to Seed Cell
  • Select Seed Plate for Proper Seed Drop
  • Seed Plates
  • Seed Distruibution Tables
  • Hopper Bottom Equipment
  • Distribution

Optional Equipment

  • Granular Chemical
  • Seed Tubes With Monitor Sensors
  • Row Tillage Attachments
  • Monitors
  • Pressure Spring Attachment


Lubrication Guide


Preventive Maintenance

  • At the Beginning of the Season
  • Before Storing Planter at the End of the Season


Preparing the Planter for Setting Up

Setting Up

Standard Torque Data

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International 800 plate type central drive planter Manual PDF