Case IH 544 656 Series Hydrostatic Drive tractor H70 H80 Trouble shooting Manual


Case IH 544 656 Series Hydrostatic Drive tractor H70 H80 Trouble shooting Manual

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International Case IH 544 656 Hydrostatic tractor — 44 pages — manual code: GSS-1405



Do’s and Don’ts of Hydrostatic Tractor Servicing

Tools Required for Field and Shop Service Kit for Servicing 656 & 544 Series and 3514 & 3616 Hydrostatic Tractors

  • Tools Required for Checking Charge Flow and Running Clean-Up Procedure
  • Tools Required to Check all Pressures at the Same Time, and for Isolating Drive Control and Foot-N-Inch Valves
  • Tools Required for Servicing Check Valves, Relief Valves and Servo Cylinders
  • Miscellaneous Tools and Supplies

Basic Explanation of Each System Component and Possible Malfunctions

  • High-Low Range Transmission
  • S-R Lever and Effects of Poor S-R Lever Adjustment
  • Center Section Shuttle Valve and Possible Malfunctions
  • High Pressure Relief Valves
  • Parts Which Can Cause High Pressure Valves to Open
  • Drive Control Valve
  • Foot-N-Inch Valve
  • Servo Cylinders (How They Operate)
  • Servo Cylinders (Possible Malfunctions)
  • Pump Servo
  • Motor Servo

Step-By-Step Checks During Trouble Shooting

  • Step-By-Step Check Outline
  • General
  • Checking Statically
  • Test Driving
  • Checking Anti-Coast Valve
  • Checking Reverse Deceleration
  • Other Possible Malfunctions Which May Show Up During Driving Test
  • Checking for Speed of Servo Response
  • Further Checks After Test Driving

Checking Charge Flow on Tractors Equipped with Recirculating Filter Parts Accessory No. 530 976 R91

Clean-Up Procedure After Major Overhaul

Clean-Up Procedure for Tractors with Recirculating Filter

Installing Recirculating Filter

Checking Complaints of High Fuel Consumption or High Temperatures

Parts Which Can Be Removed Without Splitting the Tractor

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